Math 122
Sep-Dec 2015
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Math 122 Fall 2015 Final Exam Notes

What to Bring:

Bring lots of pencils, pens, erasers, a watch, a ruler, and your student ID. Do not bring scrap paper as it will be provided. You will be given a copy of the standard formula sheet.

Calculators are not permitted. Cell phones, music players and other electronic devices must be put away during the exam and may not be used as clocks. Also, packs and bags must be placed at the front of the room during the exam, so avoid bringing valuables with you to the exam.

Extra Practice:

The final exam is comprehensive, and so may include any material covered since the first day of the course.

You must of course know your basic derivative and antiderivative rules. In addition to reviewing your class notes, quizzes, tests, and previously assigned homework, you should prepare by solving lots and lots of extra problems. Below you will find some old exams and additional practice problems. Note, however, that your exam may be different in both format and content. These old exams are intended to give you extra practice on a broad range of problems. They are not meant to suggest in any way that your final exam will necessarily be similar.

  1. Fall 2009 Final Exam (omit 11(b)) ( solutions)
  2. Fall 2008 Final Exam (omit 9(b), 10(a)) ( solutions)
  3. Spring 2008 Final Exam (omit 1(a), 9(a); note that calculators were permitted back in 2008) ( solutions)
  4. practice problems (omit: 2(g)(l)(m)(n)(o), 12, 33-37, 47, 49, 59-62, and note that there is a typo in the answers: the answer for 52(c) should be (-1/2)ln|cos(2x)|+C). Many of these problems are somewhat more challenging than the standard homework but serve as excellent practice for the final exam (thanks to Dr.V. Watts for these.)