Math 121 Section F09N05
Sep-Dec 2009
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Math 121 Fall 2009 Final Exam Notes

What to Bring:

Bring lots of pencils, pens, erasers, a watch, a ruler, and your student ID. Do not bring scrap paper as it will be provided. Note that cell phones, music players and other electronic devices must be put away during the exam and cannot be used as a clock. Also, packs and bags must be placed at the front of the room during the exam, so avoid bringing valuables with you to the exam.

Extra Practice:

For the final exam you absolutely must know your Table of Derivatives and Antiderivatives.

In addition, you should prepare by solving lots and lots of problems. Here are some:

  1. Final Exam Review Questions with answers (thanks to Dr.V. Watts for supplying these). I strongly urge you to work through these as they provide excellent preparation for the final exam. You may omit Questions 7, 18, 31-34, and please note the following typos in the answers:
    • The answer to 2(k) should be negative infinity
    • For Question 12(c), refer to the answer for 12(d) but replace 2x2 with 2x
    • For Question 12(d), refer to the answer for 12(e)
    • For Question 12(e), refer to the answer for 12(c)
    • For the answer to 46(a) replace "1" with "0" in both intervals
  2. Summer 2009 Final Exam (solutions)
  3. Spring 2009 Final Exam (solutions)
  4. Fall 2008 Final Exam (solutions)
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