Exercises for Review of Grammar and Punctuation

The following exercises provide a review of some of the most common errors in grammar and punctuation. They are not intended to cover all aspects of these subjects. Nor do these pages contain detailed explanations of the various points which the exercises review.

Students should first consult the particular style and grammar handbook they are using in order to review the particular issue with which an exercise is concerned. There are references throughout these pages to three common handbooks: Guide to the Marking of Written Assignments (Shorter Revised Edition, 1991), The Everday Writer (Canadian Edition, 1997), and The Ready Reference Handbook (Canadian Edition, 1998).

References to these three common handbooks are abbreviated respectively: GMWA, TEW, and RRH.

Copyright Information

The material in these exercises is in the public domain (released July 1998), and may be copied and distributed without permission and without charge.

Ian C. Johnston
Liberal Studies Department
Malaspina University-College
Nanaimo, BC
V9R 5S5
July 1998

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1.0 Sentence Fragments

2.0 Punctuation Between Main Clauses

3.0 Non-Restrictive Modifiers and Phrases in Apposition

4.0 Miscellaneous Uses of the Comma

5.0 Subject-Verb and Pronoun-Antecedent Agreement

6.0 Misplaced and Dangling Modifiers

7.0 Active and Passive Verbs

8.0 Parallel Structure

9.0 General Review Exercise

10.0 Punctuating Quotations


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