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Erik's Chemistry Links Page

2011 the International Year of Chemistry

Need a Periodic Table? Try these.

Hard Copy   B&W    Colour   Funny


webelements (Mark Winter, Univ. Sheffield)

visual elements (Royal Society of Chemistry)

          periodic table (Los Alamos National Labs)

          uses, properties and nanotech applications (American Elements)




The History of Linus Pauling's elucidation of the Chemical Bond


Want to draw beautiful molecular structures like the pros?

MDLs ISIS Draw and ACD Labs ChemSketch are available as free downloads for personal and academic use


View 3D molecular structures! Download free Chime plug in and then check these out!

Wellesley College (alphabetical listing of molecules, including fullerenes)

Purdue University Molecular Structures Page (organic and inorganic molecules, coordination complexes, and inorganic crystals)

Dave Woodcock's  molecular structure database


Chemical and Physical Data


NIST thermochemical and spectral info

Environmental Fate Data Base (including physical chemical properties via CHEM FATE)


Water Quality Info

Water Survey of Canada

Environment Canada - Freshwater

US Geological Survey - Water Resources

Canadian Drinking Water Guidelines (summary table of chemical and physical parameters)

US EPAs Drinking Water Standards

WHO Drinking Water Guidelines



Journal of Chemical Education

Chemical and Engineering News

Environmental Science and Technology

Water Research



Association of the Chemical Profession of British Columbia

American Chemical Society

Royal Society of Chemistry

Canadian Society of Chemistry

Canada's National Water Research Institute (NWRI)

American Water and Wastewater Association (AWWA)


Molecular Special Features

Link to ACS Molecule of the Week

Link to UK Bristol's Molecule of the Month