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VIU Department of Mathematics

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Phone: 1-250-753-3245 ext 2429


Visiting Professor: 

2017 Carleton U. Ottawa (Canada)

2016 U. of Tokyo, U. of Kobe and the Chinese U. of Hong Kong

2015  U. of Catania (Sicily), U. of Naples (Italy) and U. of West Indies (Jamaica)

   2014 Inst. Camille Jordan (France)

    2012 U. of McGill (Canada)

   2011 U. of BA (Argentina) 

2010 U. of Negev (Israel)

     2007 U. of Alberta (Canada)

     2005 U. of Orleans (France)

  2003  U. of Life Sciences (Norway)

Area of research:
Qualitative Theory of Functional Differential Equations with Applications to Math Biology,
Neural Networks, Cancer Dynamics and Control of Dynamical Systems

Selected List of  Recent Publications

Most Recent Research Awards:

2015-2017   Pilot Grant from Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC)

2015-2017  NSERC GRF Presidentís Fund 

2015-2016     Dean's Research Fund

In VIU press:

2012 and 2015

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