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FRST 328



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FRST 182 - GIS

Virtual Campus

Introductory Tutorials

  • Mapping a Network Drive (click to expand)

    • The data for the GIS lab exercises are located on the network.  In order to gain access to the data you have to ‘map’ the location of the network drive.
         - On
      the desktop double click on "My Computer"
      Click on the "Tools" menu
      - Click on the "Map Network Drive..." option
         - Click on the small black downwards pointing arrow beside the drive letter. I suggest using G:
      Enter the network path  
         - Make sure that the small check box labeled "Reconnect at logon" is checked.
      Click the "Finish" button.

    • The window should disappear and (after a few seconds) a new drive should show up in the My Computer window. Try double clicking on it to open it. If you can, then you have successfully set up a network drive.

    • Now you can copy the necessary folders & files from the GIS network folder to your U: drive


  • Copying data from the GIS drive to your U:\ drive (click to expand)

    • first things first, create a folder for this course - then be sure to copy all data to this folder

    • the size of the data files for the Virtual Campus course is substantial (~100 MB)

    • the folder that contains the data for the tutorials is G:\ESRI_Virtual_Campus\LearnArcGIS and within this folder are 6 individual data folders - one for each module (i.e. Analysis, Design, Edit, Model, Organize, Reference and Start)

      a) if you have sufficient space (>100MB) then simply copy the LearnArcGIS folder to your course folder on your U: drive


      b) if space is limiting you can copy only the folder needed (i.e. only Start) for the current module and you can delete the data folders once you are done