Gazeta de Madrid

September 21, 1787

Cádiz, September 14 [1787]. Today, at nine in the morning, two frigates named Nostra Señora de las Nieves, under the command of Senior Lieutenant D. Bernardo de Orta of the Real Armada, and Nostra Señora de los Placeres, under the command of Don Juan Antonio Zavaleta in the position of “Captain of Sea and War” for the Real Compañía de Filipinas, reached harbour successfully with a cargo of all kinds from the Philippine Islands, China, the Coromandel Coast and Bengal. [These frigates] left the port of Cavite on January 11th last without encountering any adversities during the voyage, and stopping for 40 days at Bahia Falsa to pick up water and provisions and to allow some sick passengers to recover. Another frigate from the same Company, called the Aguila Imperial, is expected shortly. [This ship] left Manila at the same time as those mentioned, but was separated from them on March 12th, and is also carrying a considerable cargo of Asian products.

Original Spanish text courtesy of Robert King. Translated by Maria Guadalupe Soto de Podritske, Lorill Ireland and John Black.

Updated: June 13, 2018