Gazeta de Madrid

April 24th, 1787 .

Manila, August 9, [17]86. On this day, two ships from the Real Compañía de Filipinas anchored in the port of Cavite. The Aguila Imperial is under the command of Commander D. Francisco Muñoz y San Clemente, and the Nostra Señora de las Nieves is under the command of Senior Lieutenant D. Bernardo de Orta. These ships left Cadiz on January 23rd of this same year, arriving at the Cape of Good Hope on April 30th, and in the Bay of Pimienta, in the Strait of Sonda, on July 8th, both landfalls being made with the purpose of restocking water and provisions. They are able to confirm that they were very well treated by the Dutch authorities at the Cape, as well as by the King of Chirita in the Bay of Pimienta. Throughout the voyage and periods spent ashore, which have taken 6 months and 16 days, the crew and the passengers have enjoyed the best of health and all possible comfort, without any symptoms of scurvy or any other sickness associated with such a long voyage, since, of the 362 people carried, only one passed away, of acute fever. These ships have subsequently acquired a return cargo of goods and fruits from China, the Coromandel Coast and these Islands. They are now preparing to leave for Spain in the month of January 1787, which is the opportune season for their return expedition.

Spanish text courtesy of Robert King. Translated by Maria Soto de Podriske, Lorill Ireland and John Black.

Updated: June 13, 2018