Chancellor Kaunitz to Emperor Joseph II

German Original

Most Gracious Caesar and Apostolic King!

Concerning the most humble request from Lieutenant-Colonel Boltz for permission to be allowed to offer his plan for his intended expedition to the Northwest coast of America to the Russian Empress for her to take up, since he judges it to be of great importance for Russia in connection with its most recent discoveries there; in such a way, however, as would not be contrary to his remaining in the Hereditary Lands:

Since no objection appears to arise against it, I therefore intend, if your Majesty graciously consents, to allow his request in Your name, so long as it is the case that no reasonable obstacle is expressed against it on the part of his creditors, as Your Majesty would thereby do a pleasant service for Her Russian Majesty.

Kaunitz P[rince]
Vienna, 26 November 1782

Text Courtesy of, and translation by, Robert King

Updated: June 5, 2018