Alexandro Malaspina to Gherardo Rangoni   [1]

Italian Original

Mexico [City], April 8 [1791]

I am making excellent progress, in communicating which to you, however, I have not time - since I should be here for eight days only - to say anything other than that I have compared notes with the same Mourelle on the information to which I referred, and have looked at it in the same English translation by Barrington, with the result that everything speaks against the aforementioned English voyage. [2] .

[1] Original now lost; copy in APSF; Picanyol, p. 48: Manfredi 1999, p. 252. [Editing Criteria]

[2] See previous letter, notes 5 and 6.

Text courtesy of the Centro di Studi Malaspiniani, Mulazzo, Italy; notes by Dario Manfredi; translated by John Black.

Updated: June 5, 2018