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  Cougarman Percy Dewar. Victoria: Trafford, 2005.

  "Who Cares about Canadian Poetry?"

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  (to be updated).

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  1993 Edna Staebler Award for Creative Non-Fiction.
  1992 VanCity Book Award - finalist.
  1992 Vancouver Sun "Six Best Books of the Year" nomination

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  Selected author reviews for Instructor's Manual for The Art of Short
(brief edition). Ed. Gary Geddes. Addison Wesley; Longman,

  "Compassion" (Review of Theresa Kishkan's Sisters of Grass,
  Leona Theis' Sightlines, Barbara Scott's Away) Event 29. (Winter

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98 (Spring 1992): 103-6.

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  The Traveler's Hat. Vancouver: Raincoast, 2003

  "The Way Home" Zygote Magazine Vol. 7, no. 4. (Winter 2001):
  12-13. First Place Fiction, "Family Plots" Writing Contest.

  "Assumptions" Zygote Magazine Vol. 7, no.4 (Winter 2001): 16-18.
  Outskirts: Women Writing from Small Places. Ed. Emily Schultz.
  Toronto: Sumach Press, 2002: 28-37.

  "The Way Back Home", The Grist Mill (Winter 2000): 63-5.
  Honourable Mention, Valley Writers' Guild John Spencer Hill Award
  for Fiction.

  "After Hours, After Years", Quarry Magazine. Vol. 46, no. 1.
  (July 2000): 17-22.
  Winner of Quarry "Life in the Modern World" Contest.
  1993 Finalist in Event Creative Non-Fiction Contest.
  Reprinted in LitWit. and inIslands West: Stories from the Coast.
Ed. Keith Harrison. Lantzville: Oolichan Books, 2001: 131-40.

  "The Death of a Husband", Visions and Echoes: Patterns of
  Transcendence Among Canadian Women Writers.
Eds. Jo-Anne
  Elder and Colin O'Connell. Waterloo: Wilfred Laurier Press, 1997:
  57-60. Reprinted in CRASH number 9 (litzine).

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  "Debbie's Basement", Contemporary Verse II 16.1 (Summer 1993):

  "Beatitude" A Room of One's Own 14.2 (March 1991): 71-2.


 Wings.  Premiered at VI University December 6, 2008.  directed by Eliza Gardiner.  Dancers Holly Bright and Daelik.  Presented by the City of Nanaimo and VIU.


  CBC Radio Canada (Vancouver). Nov. 13, 1992. Commentaire sur
  White Lies avec Sylvia L'Ecuyer.

  CHUB (Nanaimo). September 8, 1992. Panel discussion on child

  CHUB (Nanaimo). July 22, 1992. Forty-minute discussion of White
with Bob McClelland, former B.C. Health Minister.


  Wilfred Watson is Here! With Bruce Finlayson. FinVin Productions,

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