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Researching Community: A Practicum on Cumberland's
Ethnic Landscape


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Participation & Attendance (20%):  Attendance is required; after the first two weeks, a sign-in sheet will be circulated.   If you sign-in and depart, this will be noted.  There will be in-class discussions.  If you are absent, you cannot participate.  (See VIU Calendar, General Regulations - Attendance.)

Active participation is contributing to all class activities; discussion is the primary one.  Credit will not be given to verbose individuals who enjoy the sound of their voices.  I am interested in the  quality of comments and/or questions raised during discussion.  Be an informed participant, i.e., read the assigned articles.

In week 13, please submit a self-evaluation of your participation (no more than 250-300 words through Moodle).  Provide a score out of 10, 10 being “perfect”—i.e., prepared to discuss readings, asks relevant questions or comments to further understanding of topic(s), responds and listens respectfully, does not dominate interactions, refrains from being disruptive, and attends regularly and is on time. A score of 6 indicates that you attend regularly and on time, but do not participate in any other way. Do not obsess over the writing of this; be reflective and honest about your participation.

For those who are less confident about speaking in class, you can still participate through Moodle.   Each student is expected to contribute to the various discussion topics (minimum of four posts, either by posting a relevant article, or  commenting on one submitted by a classmate.  The latter should be substantive, i.e., an informed opinion, not one that states agreement.

To receive full credit for participation (quality counts!), you must 1) attend class, 2) participate fully in class activities (discussion, evaluation, etc.), 3) provide a self-assessment of participation, and 4) post to Moodle.


JOURNAL (15%): Each submission is worth 5%. The quality of your comments is important, not the manner of presentation (i.e., there is no need to decorate or have a "fancy" notebook or journal). Comments should be reflective.  DATE EACH ENTRY, as I expect students to write throughout the course of the semester.  This is one way to monitor the progress of your research or project, including skills developed and/or objectives achieved.  Consider this your “field journal.

In general, writing by hand is better as you are less likely to edit your thoughts (a common problem with computer-generated journals).

   DUE: Friday, October 1

October 29

November 26


LEARNING CONTRACT (15%):A learning contract made between an individual and supervisor can be many things. In this case, it will be used to assess the community research or project being undertaken. It will set out the criteria on which your mark will be based. Each student will likely have a somewhat different contract.

You will be evaluated on the objectives and outcomes identified (6pts), the proposed process and timeline (6pts), the criteria for evaluation (5pts), and general presentation, spelling, and grammar (3pts). Contracts should be 2-3 pages in length.

   DUE: October 1


PEER ASSESSMENT (5%): Each student or group will present to the class their research or project and justify the outcome given the goals and objectives identified in their learning contract. A numeric rating and comment for each project will be assigned by all. Oral feedback and discussion will be provided by everyone in the class.

You will be evaluated on the detail of your commentary, i.e., honest and constructive feedback.

   DUE: Friday, November 26
December 3


COMMUNITY RESEARCH/PROJECT (30%): Students can work individually or in pairs as suits the research or project needs. We will have discussed and reviewed the range of possible research and/or projects; students will be selecting from these.

REMEMBER:  Any research involving human subjects (i.e., interviews, surveys) must undergo an ethics review. See "Preparation of Ethics Statement."

The evaluation is based on the learning contract; criteria for evaluation will differ accordingly. Each student will have to “defend” his/her work in the sense of acknowledging whether s/he felt that the goals and objectives were met. As always, a small portion of the grade is on presentation, spelling, and grammar.

   DUE: December 3



bulletNO LATES, please!! Assignments are due in class. Only in exceptional circumstances (e.g., verifiable ill-health) and only when the instructor is notified prior to class will other arrangements be made. (See VIU Calendar, General Regulations.)  There is a penalty of 1% per day (M-F) for any late assignment. As mentioned, in extenuating circumstances, a make-up day of December 8, will be the final date for any outstanding work (midterms or assignments) to be submitted.
bulletRead “On Writingto ensure that you understand my expectations of a writing assignment.
bullet If you need help with your writing, please seek assistance from the Writing Centre, The Library, Fourth Floor, Room 474 Appointments can be booked online! Contact the Writing Centre or local 2115.
bullet Plagiarism will not be tolerated. Students caught plagiarizing will automatically receive an F as their final grade.


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