ANTH 418 - Researching Community: A Practicum on Cumberland's Ethnic Landscape


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Students should pay particular attention to the sections on "Plagiarism," "Citing References," and "Ethics & Human Subjects." Please use the AAA-style guide for all referencing in papers.

Websites related to the course material:

The Cumberlander is the one place to browse to learn of past and present concerns, as well as general news.  Check some of the "special sections," such as, OCP Forum, Chinatown/ #1 Japanesetown, and Cumberland Walkabout.

Cumberland Museum & Archives, Cumberland, BC.  There is an extensive category section, including the Black, Chinese and Japanese Communities, as well as the various mines (#1-8).

BC Heritage, Ministry of Tourism, Sport and the Arts.  Check the sidebar, under Heritage Conservation/Preservation Overview and For Local Governments.

Canadian Heritage, Ministry of Canadian Heritage.  Under Diversity and Multiculturalism, look at Cultural Diversity.

Cultural Heritage, Parks Canada.  Of particular interest to this class are Archaeology, Canada's Historic Places Initiative, Environmental Impact Assessment, Historic Sites and Monuments Board of Canada, and Recognizing our History.

Cultural Resources Diversity Program, National Park Service, US Department of Interior. This is a particularly good resource to view what has been actively developed regarding cultural heritage and tourism, and preservation issues. Check the sidebar for Publications and Research.

National Trust for Historic Preservation.  For our purposes, review the information under the categories: Advocacy, Community, and Heritage Tourism.

Cultural Heritage Tourism, a website managed by the National Trust for Historic Preservation on behalf of Partners in Tourism. 


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