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Studies in Shakespeare

[Last revision December 28, 2001] 


Introductory Note

The headings below indicate the subject matter of the lectures in English 366 at Malaspina University-College, Nanaimo (now Vancouver Island University), by Ian Johnston. The lists also include some background notes prepared for students (material which was not actually delivered in lecture format). For the most part, the texts of the lectures include more material than the instructor will cover during the lecture. All texts are in the public domain, released July 1999, and may be used by anyone, in whole or in part, without charge and without permission, provided the source is acknowledged.

Note that some of these lectures are undergoing constant revision. The date of the most recent revision is given at the top of each document. References to Shakespeare's text are to The Norton Shakespeare, edd. Greenblatt, Cohen, Howard, and Maus (1997).

This list of lectures also includes some given in previous years of English 366, but not included in the Spring 2001 course.

For comments and questions, please contact Ian Johnston.


Note that the lectures below fall into two groups: the first group includes the lectures specifically prepared for English 366, in Spring Term 2001.  The second group of lectures includes lectures used in previous years in English 366 and some background material.

Introduction to English 366 and Shakespeare's Works

The Foxes, The Lion, and the Fat Knight: Introduction to Henry IV, Part 1

The Ironies of Success in Politics: An Introduction to Henry V

Variations on a Theme of Love in As You Like It

The Ironies of Happy Endings: An Introduction to Twelfth Night

An Introduction to Hamlet

Speak What We Feel: An Introduction to King Lear

An Introduction to Macbeth

You Can Go Home Again, Can't You? Shakespeare's Tempest

Supplementary Lectures

Chatterers and Activists: Observations on Richard II

Observations on Shakespeare's Dramatic Poetry

The Transformation of Tragedy: An Introduction to Richard III

The Triumph of the Lions? An Introduction to Antony and Cleopatra


Background Material (Supplementary Notes)

Critical Approaches to Shakespeare: Some Initial Observations

Historical Background to Shakespeare's History Cycles

A Note on Shakespeare's Sonnets

On Scholarship and Literary Interpretation: An Introductory Note



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