Letters of Horace Brewer

January 1915

Dear Mother and Dad.

Pleased to receive your letter this evening and hear you are still keeping well. I also got the slip of paper of young Ardley's death. Yes I could tell you where it was but am afraid to just yet but anyway he was shot through the jaw and didn't last very long and about the letter you see in the paper from that fellow of ours at Ypres is quite true as I was there at the time. It was terrible.

Well I had several letters and parcels from them all at Pathisurch so am going on fine. Now mother dear you say you would like me to tell you of some of the sights out here but it does not do.

By chance a letter might get through, but its not worth chancing. I received all your cards at Christmas. Now dear I must draw this letter to a close with fondest love to you all.

Your loving son Harry

 British Expeditionary Force

January 19th, 1915.

Dearest Mother and Dad.

Received your letter this evening and enclosed letters from Mrs. Keeling, etc. I think the cards Mrs. Keeley sent you are very good I will bring them over to you after this little fight is over, but its not half finished yet, the devils! I would like to be able to shoot the lot, but never mind we shall beat them in time.

I also got Harry Ardley's photo. It is very good of the poor lad too, but it was very hard luck to get killed so soon as he did. But I expect it was just his luck. We all have to go some day. Every minute of our life is in danger, but it doesn't do for us to think so, but just go along merry and bright.

Now Mother dear I have no time to write more just now so must draw to a close hoping to find you all in the best of health.

From your loving son, HARRY.

 British Expeditionary Force.

 January 23rd, 1915.

From: Horace Brewer 1887 - 1918 5th Dragoon Guards British Expeditionary Force

Horace (Harry) Brewer was born in Granton, Ontario in 1887. He enlisted in the British Army in 1905. On the 30th of March 1918 he was reported missing and presumed killed. His body was never found.