Whitehall 21 Septr. 1789

Monsr. de Mollinedo, Secretary to the Embassy from the Court of Spain, having represented, That it is His Catholic Majesty's Intention to fit out Two Frigates, under the command of Don Alexandro Malaspina, and Don Joseph Bustamente, for the purpose of making a Voyage round the World, and that His Catholic majesty has requested That orders may be given to the Governors or Commanders of all the Ports and Places belonging to the King, that those officers may meet with a favorable reception, and all the aid and assistance for which they may have occasion, I have the King's command to signify to you His Majesty's Pleasure, that in case the said Ships should arrive within the limits of your government, you are to shew them every degree of attention, and to afford the Commanders of them any assistance which they may stand in need of, and which it may be in your power to give them, in order to enable them to carry His Catholic Majesty's orders into Execution.1

1 Oregon Historical Society Library, "Malaspina Papers", MS 2814, no.21


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