Augsburgisches ordinari postzeitung

No. 184, Friday August 2, 1782

Munich, July 30: Mr Zimmermann, of whom it is reported in the Brünner Zeitung under the heading Munich that he made the great voyage around the world with the celebrated Captain Cook and afterwards became Shipmaster in the service of the Elector on the Würmsee some hours distant from here, received some time since letters from the English Captain Digson [Dixon], in which he was invited with very flattering expressions to take part in the forthcoming voyage from Trieste to the East Indies, with a monthly salary of 6 pounds Sterling, for a  period of five years, with the assurance that when he completed the voyage he could take part in a second one, in which his rank and character would be better. Mr Zimmermann’s heart was struck by this offer. In ardent enthusiasm he sought His Highness the Elector's gracious permission. Our gracious Prince, attentive above all to scientific talent and genius, acceded in this case to his plea, granting him for the expected five years only his existing yearly salary of 400 gulden and allowed him to be paid half of that to supply him with sufficient travelling money; with which he gave the gracious Father of the Country notice of his departure, having also had his position and salary confirmed. Completely infused with this favour, yesterday he eagerly went with the post to his present destiny.

Original facsimile German text and translation courtesy of Robert King. 

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