mercure de france, journal politique de bruxelles

Saturday August 10, 1782

From Vienna, 16 July.

Captain Bolts will depart immediately to go to Trieste, where he will go on board a large ship which will take him to the East Indies. He is charged with a present for Hyder Aly.

It will be at the end of next month that Messrs. Born, Marterer & Heidinger, savants whom the Emperor has charged with conducting research that will be useful to Geography, Physics & Natural History, will depart on the vessel Comte de Cobenzel for Cape Horn, the western coasts of south America, California &c. They will have with them an able Draughtsman, & a Botanist, Gardener. The first of these savants is an Aulic Counsellor, the second Professor of Natural History at the Theresian College, & the third an Adjunct Demonstrator of H.M.'s Natural History Cabinet.

Original text and translation courtesy of Robert King.     

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