The Gentleman’s Magazine

September 1789 , p.845.

The Court of Sweden has yet published no authentic account of the action of the action of the 26th of July between their grand fleet and that of the Russians; but that of Petersburg has amply supplied their omission by the following relation. Admiral Czyczagoff, with 20 ships of the line (having left two at Revel), arrived the 25th of July in sight of the enemy’s fleet, between Hoborg and Referhaft, at 27 leagues and a half NE. by E. of Bornholm… The next day, the 26th, the Swedes made an attack… M. de Moulofsky, who commanded the leading ship of M. Spiridoff’s division, made incredible efforts to approach the enemy, and had got a little nearer, as did also five other ships; they sustained the enemy’s fire till eight o’clock in the evening, with little damage... The Russians have suffered an inexpressible loss in their brave Captain Moulofsky, who was wounded be a random shot almost at the beginning of the action; and about three quarter of an hour after he expired, bravely animating his crew… The Russians are now the masters of the sea.

Text courtesy of Robert King

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