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Alessandro Malaspina: A Biography was originally published in Spanish in Alejandro Malaspina: La América Imposible, ed. Blanca Saíz, Madrid, Compañía Literaria, 1994. Under the auspices of the Alexandro Malaspina Research Centre, it has been translated into English by Don S. Kirschner and Teresa J. Kirschner; this version has been edited by Russell McNeil and John Black.  

Introductory Material
Chapter I: The Formative Years
Chapter II: Preparing the Expedition 
Chapter III: From Cádiz to Acapulco 
Chapter IV: The Northwest Campaign 
Chapter V: From the Philippines to Cádiz 
Chapter VI: From the Court to La Coruña 
Chapter VII: Seven Years of Study and Hope 
Chapter VIII: Seven Years of Exile in His Own Country
Appendix I: Archival and Bibliographical References by Chapter
Appendix II: Basic Bibliography
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