2010 - 2014

Under this program, Human Resources and Skills Development Canada, in collaboration with the European Union, offers students from participating Canadian university and college opportunities to study in Europe. Through this program Individual Canadian students can study for a semester at a participating European post secondary partner institution and European partner institution students can study in Canada at the participating Canadian institutions.

Currently, the Vancouver Island University Forest Resources Technology department, is involved in two projects; one in collaboration with Fleming College in Lindsay Ontario and the University of Moncton in New Brunswick on the Canadian side and the University of West Hungary in Sopron Hungary and the University of Padova in northern Italy on the European side; the second project involves the University of Alberta's school of Forest Science and Management and the Laval University Faculty of Forestry in Quebec city on the Canadian side and the University of Transylvania in Brasov Romania, the University of Life Science in Prague, Czech Republic and the Georg-August University in Gottingen Germany. The first project is due to terminate in May 2011 and the second one ends in the fall of 2013.

Over the next three to four years, 72 students from the Canadian consortium schools will travel to Europe for short and long term study periods; long term study period will consist of one semester and short term study periods will be for approximately 3 weeks; for the latter, faculty from the visiting institutions will escort groups of 10 to 15 students on field study trips to the receiving European consortium institutions. Field trip outlines and agenda will be designed to support and accommodate the theme of the consortia programs - Managing our Forests for Bioenergy and Managing Forest for Multiple Resource Values.

The program will also allow for students from European partner institutions to travel to Canada for short and long terms of study.

Who can apply?    Currently enrolled full time Canadian students from the three Canadian consortium institutions who are studying natural resource management. Candidate selection will be based on demonstrated academic performance, a demonstrated ability to deal with overseas travel and study, a willingness to assist visiting European students during their term at the receiving Canadian institutions, and capability to obtain both a Canadian passport and student visa for the country of destination. The program manager reserves the right reject applicants.

How much does it cost? The project will contribute up to $2,050.00 to each student. However, the actual amount that each student will receive for the short term program will depend on the total number of students in the group.

Canadian students studying European Shelterwood Silvicultural System

in a Austrian beech forest

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