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  • photo courtesy M.W.Blades
  • Malaspina University-College

    Chris Gill    (this page is in constant development, thanks for your patience..... :)



    University College Professor, Department of Chemistry
    Co-Director, Applied Environmental Research Laboratories

    Adjunct Professor, Department of Chemistry, Simon Fraser University
    Adjunct Associate Professor, Department of Chemistry, University of Victoria

    Office: B360/306
    Office Phone: 250-753-3245 L2303
    Lab(s): B360/208-210, B385
    Lab Phone(s): 250-740-6373, 250-740-6379

    FAX: 250-740-6482

    Curriculum Vitae: B.Sc., Acadia University (1988); B.Sc.H., Acadia University (Supervisors:  Dr. E. S. Hansen & Dr. E. R. Hayes), 1989;  Ph.D., University of British Columbia (Analytical Chemistry, Supervisor:  Dr. Michael Blades), 1994;  Postdoctoral Fellow, Los Alamos National Laboratory, Advanced Chemical Diagnostics Group (Laboratories of Dr. N. S. Nogar & Dr. P. H. Hemberger), 1994-1996;  Instructor, Chemistry Department, Capilano College, 1997;   Research Associate, University of British Columbia / Royal Military College-Kingston,  Environmental Sciences Group (Laboratories of Dr. W. R. Cullen & K. J. Reimer), 1996-1997.

    Environmental/Analytical Chemistry/Mass Spectrometry:  

             Chris is an active member of the chemistry department  at Malaspina University-College (Nanaimo, BC) as well as co-director of the Applied Environmental Research Laboratory (AERL).  The AERL (>$1.25M) was established through peer reviewed infrastructure funding to conduct pure & applied research, including the use of membrane introduction mass spectrometry (MIMS) for environmental chemical analyses and investigating the role of dissolved organic carbon in the photochemistry of natural waters.  Because of MIMS low detection capabilities and direct, on-line measurement capabilities, current MIMS research has been focused upon trace, real time analyses of dynamic chemical systems.  The AERL has been involved in a number of inter-disciplinary projects involving industry, government agencies and academia including ultra-trace analysis of volatile and semi-volatile compounds in complex matrices, bio- and photo-degradation of contaminated waters and water quality of natural and perturbed systems.  Chrisí current research interests involve the development of emerging analytical instrumentation and its applications for direct, real-time, ultra-trace environmental analyses.

    Research Group (summer 2004)

    Back Row:  Lindsay Rear, Janet Nelson, Shelley Corrin (Lab Manager), Robyn Ferguson, Skye Creba, Lydia Rockwell

    Front Row:  Alexander Thompson, Chris Gill (Faculty, Co-director), Erik Krogh (Faculty, Co-director), Michael Lynch, Duane Friesen (Faculty Collaborator).


    Positions Available

            We are looking for qualified undergraduates students to work on directed research projects either as Malaspina Work Op Students,  summer research assistants and/or CHEM 490 students. Our group is currently seeking graduate students to work in collaboration with the Applied Environmental Research Lab. For further information please contact us directly (