What may be the greatest battle in human history, secularism vs religion, comes to the fore in this tale of blind conviction, questionable reason, global deceit and cold-blooded murder. Christina Polansky’s seemingly serendipitous discovery of a peculiar sequence of DNA while investigating the genetics of wheat quickly turns into a nightmare as she becomes embroiled in a conspiracy by a powerful Christian fundamentalist group within the US military hell-bent on ensuring that God’s ultimate plan for the Rapture is not thwarted by the Anti-Christ. Thrown together with Baltimore Sun reporter, Jim Cavendish, and with help from a few fellow scientists, Christina and her companions struggle to uncover a plot to develop a biological weapon of mass destruction so diabolical it almost defies belief. From level 4 biocontainment laboratories in Ft. Detrick, Maryland and Winnipeg, Canada, to the bald badlands of North Dakota, to the capital in Washington, DC, Christina and Cavendish pursue leads and hunches that take them ever closer to the truth. Finally they begin to see what is really happening – but, is it too late to stop the release of this devastating scourge? And is the weapon too useful to those in power not to use, and use again?

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