Climactic Play Structure:

-          begins late in the story, near the crisis

-          events in story’s past are told through exposition

-          some include climax at the end of each act

-          period of time, locales is limited

-          example: Oedipus Rex, Medea, Plutus, Hedda Gabler, Love of the Nightingale



Episodic Play Structure

-          begins early in story

-          involves many characters and events

-          plot is expansive

-          plot includes variety of activities, locations, times

-          linear yet seemingly unrelated stories until combined at the end

-          example: A Midsummer Night’s Dream, The Caucasian Chalk Circle



Situational Structure:

-          absurdist plays (1950’s +)

-          situation shapes play, not plot or arrangement of incidents

-          has inner rhythms (like life)

-          situation remains same but rhythms move in continuing cycle

-          situation – increasing tension – explosion – return to original situation

-          example: Waiting for Godot, Rhinoceros



Solo Text Structure:

-          long stage history starting in Medieval mimes, jugglers, jongleurs, troubadours

-          mainstream American community theatre features biographies

-          solo performances part of contemporary avant-garde

-          (Sandra Bernhard, Eve Ensler)

-          low budget means to explore timely issues

-          highly personal response to social/political issues

-          speaks directly to collective conscious

-          example: The Vagina Monologues, A Path with No Moccasins



Monodrama Structure:

-          new dramatic form needed to introduce into theatre intuitive events

-          talking pieces

-          features monologues and minimal staging

-          but also often uses large theatrical moments with big FX, soliloquies, amplifiers, holograms, multi-media aspects, voice-overs

-          goal is to present conscious and unconscious thought processes of the speaker (stream of consciousness)

-          example: plays by Samuel Beckett